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On a personal note, I am definitely a lover of nature. I grew up in the mountains of Utah. I have also lived in Oregon and Washington States. I love hiking and playing in waterfalls, watching eagles sore over mountain tops and watching the moon come up over the mountain. I am grateful the Universal Energy has allowed me to honor my soul's desire to have a career in such a natural healing profession.

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Acupuncture Physician Sarasota, FL
Laser Light Therapy Sarasota, FL
Oriental Herbal Medicine Sarasota, FL
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I started my career in Medicine in l988. It began as an Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.) on an Ambulance. I went on to get a Nursing degree. I have worked in a variety of health care settings for the past 20 years. In 1999 began a series of events that lead me to rethink in what direction I wanted my life to go.

Internship: I have had the great privilege of learning from very knowledgeable and wonderful teachers. I have made friends with several of them. I am currently doing an Internship with Dr. Li, Ph.D., Professor of Acupuncture. He got his degree in China and has worked and taught in major hospitals in China. He has also traveled abroad and worked and taught in Europe. He has over 25 year’s clinical experience and his specialty is Acupuncture techniques. He was given the name ‘Supernatural Needler’ in Europe for his ability to treat many difficult cases. He has published dozen of papers on TCM and Acupuncture.

I decided to enter in to a school that taught Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 4 years of schooling I got my Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and have been practicing in Florida for the past 5 years. I believe that medicine is like a bowl of fruit. I try to use all the healing modules that I have learned to created that ultimate bowl of fruit to help my client in there efforts to restore themselves back to a balanced healthy state.
1988 - E.M.T.
1989 - C.N.A.
1992 - L.P.N.
1995 - R.N.
2000 - Acupuncture Physician
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Randy Kent is located in Sarasota, FL and has the following skills: Acupuncture Physician, Laser Light Therapy, Oriental Herbal Medicine
Therapy, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Acupuncture Physician

Category: Health / Fitness
Acupuncture- The use of sterile stainless steel needles to stimulate electrical channels in the body, to restore balance to an imbalanced body.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2000 - Acupuncture Physician Lic. # AP1960
Years Experience: 8

Laser Light Therapy

Category: Health / Fitness
Laser Light Therapy- Using light spectrums of infra-red and red to stimulate the body at the cellular level to restore health to unhealthy cells.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5

Oriental Herbal Medicine

Category: Health / Fitness
We evaluate your personal health needs and combine herbs for each individual. These herbs then become a liquid to drink or pill form for you to take. We can treat many things such as Fibromialgia, Headaches, Anxiety, Depression just to mention a few. You will not have the side affects that traditional medicine will give you.
Relevant Education / Credentials
2000 - Acupuncture Physician
Years Experience: 8