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H.C. Acoustics & Construction

H.C. Acoustics & Construction has departed from the traditional acoustical wall and ceiling products and methods and has perfected a COMPLETELY NEW TECHNOLOGY. This site fabricated system is the easy answer to difficult problems presented by typical premanufactured wall panels. No more worrying about out of square conditions, curved surfaces, uneven walls, long lead times or difficult installations. This innovative, site fabricated, acoustical stretch system has all the elements you need to produce beautiful, flawless panel projects. The international design and architectural communities are increasingly specifying and demanding the H.C. Acoustics & Construction system because of the fabulous look, the way it eliminates design problems, the high quality materials and the simple ordering process.

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Acoustics & Construction Greeley, CO
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Acoustics & Construction

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The H.C. Acoustics & Construction system consists of four basic components:
* The patented stretch system
* The core
* The edge detail
* The fabric
Select one item from each of these four components to create a panel system custom built for your specific project. The ability to mold, shape, curve and delineate surfaces is now effortless. You and have COMPLETE DESIGN FREEDOM with the H.C. Acoustics & Construction system!
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Redrocks community college, Warren technical college
Years Experience: 20