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"CORPORATE ANGEL" (myspace: sentientrock)

An all original "Studio/Solo Project" with one person at the helm - Douglas S. Luna. Of course that’s before others have helped out at the studio level, adding those who were/are in the "live" factions of this project!! Thanks All... you know who you are!!!

As for me, my main thing is guitar and writing [yet] because of my determination for writing lyrics and music – I’ve had to kick it up a notch by taking my intentions even further which ultimately lead me to singing (lead and backing), playing basic keyboards and bass; basically, doing whatever it took/takes to get the music out of my head and finally recorded!! It’s safe to say, "I’m driven!!" which makes for meeting a lot of wonderful musical friends ...yet sadly also makes for musical bumping of heads and falling outs.

..."Rockin’ In The Free World!!"

So is this new music? Absolutely! Ground breaking or something never done before? That’s entirely up to you the listener! It is and was simply the best I could do using my talents and the songs/bands that have influenced me.

Original Style

My personal writing genre is "Sentient Rock" and or "ElectAcoustic Rock" ...passionate and dynamic; a blending of acoustic and electric guitars, having a climax; capable of feeling (spiritual?). Sounds a bit crazy huh? Maybe, but it’s true for me and also for a lot of people who’ve seen this project live.

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Acoustic Duo Plus... Hire Us!! (original music) Milwaukee, WI
Corporate Angel - Studio/Solo Project (since 1992) Milwaukee, WI
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Music, song writing, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic, electric, produceing, producer, engineering, engineer, photographer, designer, recording, spirituality, knowledge, thought, ideas, writing,
Acoustic Guitarists
Fellow Music Lovers
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Music, Music, Well then some more music and finally there's Computer "Geek" Stuff, CNC, Machining, The Marines and other money making schemes!!!
H/S Diploma

College: (over-all average; 3.6 gpa) Certified Health Unit Coordinator, Lots of Computer classes (no certifactions), Psychology, Theory, Sociology, CNC, and my favorite on-going class "The School Of Life"
Organizations / Affilations:
School Of Life... Spirituality, GOD (non-affiliated), Quantum Physics, Knowledge and Fact Based Organizations...
Corporate Angel is located in Milwaukee, WI and has the following skills: Acoustic Duo Plus... Hire Us!! (original music), Corporate Angel - Studio/Solo Project (since 1992)
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Acoustic Duo Plus... Hire Us!! (original music)

Category: Music
Hey Music Lovers,

We're "Corporate Angel" - The Dynamic Duo Project (click C.A. to hear the songs and learn more about this project).

Our pricing is $80.00 - 60 minute set, $140.00 for two 50 minute sets or $175.00 for three 50 minute sets - we supply all the gear for our sound and if desired (for an extra $25.00) a small yet decent light show.


Also available (if wishing to mix it up even more) - an acoustic set from the one-man band "The Jesse Lee Project" (originals/a few covers).

Why pay and arm and a leg to throw a decent "live music" party? Only you know the answer to that question!!! Yes, we can play at someone's home/yard/garage and or any larger venue!!!

I and Jesse look forward to hearing from you.



** Acoustic Duo Plus?????

Technology affords us the ability to have some pre-recorded material to add to the live sound. Pre-recorded sounds may be simply an acoustic guitar yet may include the drums, keyboards, bass, and acoustic accompaniment!!

All vocals, harmonies, secondary guitars (electric and or acoustic; solo's, fills), tambourine, maraca's, and conga's are used for the "live" experience!!!

In the end, the results are a blending of a melodic full band sound and a simple yet laid-back acoustic performance. Soft volumes or louder, no problem... we always please our crowds!!
Relevant Education / Credentials
School Of Life, 30 Years of playing, 16 years with this project "Corporate Angel". 3 Cd's: 1.) "Spell You're Under" 2.) "Luna" 3) "Peace N' Serenity" (EP)
Years Experience: 30

Corporate Angel - Studio/Solo Project (since 1992)

Category: Music
Updates, News, and Events...

Want to book us for your club, party, as an opener, unplugged/acoustic, and or full throttle (plugged: electric guitar and acoustic mix, minor percussions adding sequenced acoustic guitar), ...whatever?

Just ask and maybe we'll do it - [wink wink] !!! You'll absolutely be amazed how good we sound... yet we ask so little in return!!!

Check for our "Upcoming Shows" - above; on right!! Shows booked as of this time will be far and few between as it's crunch/audition time yet there are some smaller shows listed in June, July, and August; I am also adding any known appearances at open mic/jam nights (check back often as details and locations change quickly).

3/29/2008, sadly the trio "DreamPool" after 13 headlining shows has fragmented. The live performances and the music* were well received (*29 of 30 songs were - - From here on in we'll forever go by the title "Corporate Angel" - no more hiding under different identities!!

4/2008, C.A. has officially (second time in 16 years) risen out of the studio to be a "live" musical entity once again, bringing its brand of music to the "Milwaukee/Southeastern WI" area. Over 45 songs, (2) official products and a home recorded four song "EP".

My humble "Thank You!!" to all the individuals that donate their talents to me and my solo project!! 2008 [C.A.] "live" ...THANX JESSE LEE!!!

Yes there is also good news... C.A. music has proven itself time and time again by capturing the hearts and souls of many recent audiences; sales are now well over 4,500 copies of the studio products and over 5,550 digital singles since its origin, it’s safe to say, "People enjoy this music !!!"

12/8/2007 "DP" secured a live television show "Rockin’ The Cable Show". This one hour program aired 20 times throughout 12/07 - 2/08. Thanks Laurie Muffler (Host)!!! FYI: A few weeks prior to our taping, my favorite all-time singer/songwriters, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) was on the program!! K
Relevant Education / Credentials
School Of Life, 30 Years of playing, 16 years with this project "Corporate Angel". 3 Cd's: 1.) "Spell You're Under" 2.) "Luna" 3) "Peace N' Serenity" (EP)
Years Experience: 16