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John Signorella

Name: John

Office: Chicago, IL. USA

Occupation: Vice President / CFO (Chief Field Officer)

Special Skills: Accounting Strategist & Analyst

Bio:John is responsible for maintaining and expanding the 360 Scenes infrastructure for hosting and daily operations, assisting with sales team with estimates for developmental phases of projects. In addition, he is responsible for evolving the company daily operations and procedures to make life easier at 360. In addition he enjoys evaluating new marketing and sales strategies for use within our operation for future growth.

Team 360 Comments: "Johnny numbers is his name, and a financial strategy is his game!"

Phone: 224.622.9822 | fax: 847.874.7800 |


Profile Summary:
360 -- Video Productions Hoffman Estates, IL
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360 -- Video Productions

Category: Video
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Relevant Education / Credentials
Columbia College
Years Experience: 7