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35mm Medium Format Black/White Film Processing+P

Category: Art / Creative
<4/4 PHOTO>

4/4 Photo is a specialty business dealing in fine art quality black and white photographic film development and printing. As you can see from the image provided, 4/4 Prints are processed and printed to the highest standards. E-mail for more examples. I have over eight years of experience printing traditional black and whites from my home darkroom. Prices reflect basic 8" x 10" Ilford RC Prints w/ Peal finish. Add $2 for Matte or Glossy. Add $4 for Fiber Prints. For larger and/or custom prints, please e-mail Experimental ideas are allowed and encouraged (Photograms, Rayographs, Etc.).


* B/W Film Developing (Kodak T-MAX, TRI-X, Ilford HP5)
A) 35mm 24 Exposure = $5
B) 35mm 36 Exposure = $6.50
C) [120] Medium Format= $8

* Contact Prints (8" x 10")
A) 1-4 = $5 ea.
B) 5-9 = $4 ea.
C) 10 + = $3.50 ea.

* Standard B&W Prints (8" x 10")
[Direct from negative prints. Represents exact negative as received in lab.]
A) 1-4 Prints = $6 ea.
B) 5-9 Prints = $5 ea.
C) 10-14 Prints = $4.50 ea.
D) 15 + Prints = $4 ea.

* Print Corrections / Adjustments
A) Print Spotting = Free. All prints will be spotted using Grey-tone Pens.
B) Contrast Filtering = Free. Specify preferred number of contrast filter (1-5).
C) Dodging / Burning = additional $1 per 8 x 10 print.

* Film Cleaning

All film is cleaned with a professional photographic emulsion cleaner as determined to be necessary, unless otherwise specified by client.



E-mail: with request. Specify any additional options and/or services. Mail your film and/or negative(s) to address, which will be provided in the reply e-mail. Negatives are returned with Prints.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1