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1st Choice Assistant

Category: Home / Domestic
1st Choice Assistants Duties

Cooking- Your personal assistant will provide you with any meal preperations you require. "Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner"

Personal shopper- Having so little time on a busy day, last thing you want to do is go the store for any means. Having your own assistant can provide you with several types of shopping requirments. "Clothing-Grocery-Personal items"

Cleaning- Design and system and create a home of a master piece, with your assistant you can have your home exactly as you have always wanted on a daily basis. "Kitchen-Bathroom-Bedrooms" etc also including any laundry can wash dry and press and put away!

Errands- Dry cleaners,bill payments,online shopping,movie return; let your personal assistant handle any small task for you to enjoy your day.

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Popular Requests
Coordinate and book itineraries, travel plans, transportation plans, etc.
Schedule and setup appointments and reminders with doctors, restaurants, for birthdays, etc.
Online purchases, orders, gifts, estimates, and research will save you time and money
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10