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I have always enjoyed tinkering on vehicles, whether it be in my garage or helping a friend. You'll usually find me with grease in my hair, a wrench in my hand, & the next project on my mind.

With an Associate of Science Degree in Diesel Technology field, I have worked on the "big rigs" and have always wanted to pursue the dream of owning and running my own shop! I finally have my own shop with gratitude and many thanks to my in-laws, who borrowed me the initial investment.

This shop was born from a hail storm & a flashing neon sign. It was late summer/early fall when Fargo, ND had a hail storm that wreaked havoc on the area & put my wife in a tizzy! I had one of my client's projects in my garage & my wife's pride and joy, a 2003 Jeff Gordon Edition Chevy Monte Carlo sat outside in the elements. I woke up to my wife saying, "Ryan its storming & I think we're gonna get hail! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD MY POOR CAR!!" Being the argumentative husband that I sometimes am & wondering what made her say this I said, "I don't think so its just a lil rain go back to bed, what makes you so sure? She replied, "Listen, its rolling thunder & my Grandma always said rolling thunder means hail!" Well, sure enough we got pea-sized hail & I got a very upset wife.

After the storm, she made me go look at her car. Thankfully, it was okay but after this storm she ranted & raved and told me to find somewhere else to work. Which leads me to the "flashing neon sign" I mentioned earlier. One evening I was driving in south Fargo & noticed a sign that read "Shop space for rent." We had looked at a few local shops & called several more & they were all very expensive and not quite what I had in mind. So curiosity got the better of me, I picked up the phone, set up an appointment for the next day. I liked it right away, I think she did too but wouldn't admit it. After much arguing & discussing we agreed & I signed papers the next day & the rest will go down in history, I HOPE!!!

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"Redneck Auto and Truck Repair" Fargo, ND
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"Redneck Auto and Truck Repair"

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Tired of paying outrageous gas prices AND high shop rates? If yes, then you owe it to yourself, your wallet & your vehicle to give Redneck Auto and Truck Repair a try. We're a family owned, operated & insured business, I have 21 years experience repairing vehicles. Good, honest quality work with reasonable prices.
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-21 yrs experience -Associate of Science Degree in the Diesel Technology field
Years Experience: 21