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Honest Positive Affordable And Reliable Hybrid Conversion Specialist.
DONT let some AMATEUR without formal training turn your automobile into a Water Gas Hybrid with a HHO device.
Why risk your personal safety, safety of your family or the safety of your vehicle to save a couple of bucks?
I'm THE BEST and trained by THE BEST.
Dont you deserve THE BEST?
I take pride in being THE BEST, NOT the cheapest.
If I happen to be more affordable than some of the competition
then so be it.
I offer a level of service above all and if thats what you want then you found the right man for the job.
No shortcuts, no cheap materials used, no high pressure sales tactics.
Safety is my main priority and if your not happy then Im not happy.
I set myself apart from the competition.

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"I Turn Regular Cars Into Hybrids Everyday" Perris, CA
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In 1994 I was working for Uncle Sam in the ARMY and we were never allowed to discuss this HHO generator device or the technology of it.
But now its declassified and available to everyone.
I was trained by the best and now build them and install them for the public.
I myself was an installer/mechanic for converting and installing HHO generators in vehicles.
Before i worked that department i was in the assembley dept. of the HHO devices.
But now its time I moved on taking the knowledge with me where ever i go.
And lucky for you im willing to share it.
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Franklin C is located in Perris, CA and has the following skills: "I Turn Regular Cars Into Hybrids Everyday"
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"I Turn Regular Cars Into Hybrids Everyday"

Category: Automobiles
I install a HHO generator under the hood of your vehicle allowing it to run on gas and hydrogen mix.
Saving you gas money.
Its hydrogen on demand.
This works on any gas or diesel vehicles.

The HHO device is filled with distilled water, which causes the water to separate into the two gases Hydrogen and oxygen. The cars vacuum system draws the hydrogen and oxygen into the pistons where the oxygen bonds to the fuel molecules, increasing the octane level. The hydrogen, with its high sonic flash point vaporizes everything in the pistons.

The result, more horsepower, a cleaner engine, dramatically reduced emissions, and an average mileage increase of 30% or more.
Any questions?
Check out my website at
and click on view all blogs.
Hopefully you will find all the answers to your questions there.

Let me know when your ready and I will set you an appointment.
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14 years of converting vehicles for the government and the civilian public since its declassification.
Years Experience: 14