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I started playing guitar at the age of 12 with solid roots in latin guitar. I then joined a few rock cover bands. Have also played with a Classical orchestra when i was younger. And most recently I have been perfecting my own style of music which fuses Celtic music with Flamenco Guitar.

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??? Guitar Lessons ??? Tampa, FL
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??? Guitar Lessons ???

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Hello everyone!

If you are as passionate about music as I am, if you want to play guitar for your own pleasure- or you are thinking about starting your own band and career – it’s time to learn guitar and this ad is for You!

If you are a BEGINNER and have always been dreaming of picking up a guitar to play and sing along with your favorite songs – I can help you with that!
If you are an INTERMEDIATE player, have some guitar knowledge, but strongly feel that it’s not enough – I will create a special plan to work on material that you have missed.
If you are an ADVANCED player and want to improve your skills according to your personal preferences – it could be easily done by creating a step-by-step plan tailored to your individual needs and desires.

I will provide you with all possible information to make you dreams come true!

I will teach you:
Scales/ chords/ strumming techniques/ improvisation/ arpeggiation/ music reading and much more according to your needs.

I will teach you not just to play the guitar but to feel it.
But most importantly – I’ll help you to develop your own style and feeling of music.

I play using a guitar pick on:
-classical guitar (steel or nylon strings)
-acoustic – acoustic/electric guitars
-6 string/ 12 string acoustic – acoustic/electric guitars
-all 12-string guitars

Rock, blues, pop, improvisation, or the mixture of the above!

I charge $15hh - $30/ph- or $50/per two - per day (academic) hours, and teach at my home in South Tampa, FL. So if you are in the area- hurry to sign up for the summer/fall season!

Beginners and all ages are welcome!

Call 813-802-3779 for more info or to book classes
Relevant Education / Credentials
Berklee Graduate Played in numerous Bands in MA/CT areas Guitar is my Passion
Years Experience: 12