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Palm Coast Concieges

Welcome to Palm Coast Concierges!

Palm Coast Concierges is a personal delivery and errand service, assisting individual and business customers in Palm Coast and Flagler County of Florida and the surrounding area. We will offer to pick-up and deliver your mail, prescriptions, dry cleaning, dinner, lunch, office supplies, or just about anything else you can think of!

We recognize there are many busy people in today's world, and some people who cannot necessarily do things in a timely manner on their own. The goal of Palm Coast Concierges is to create a system in which our customers can have their personal errands completed in a timely, easy, affordable manner.

Our errand services are especially helpful for:

Busy Professionals

Senior Citizens


Recuperating Patients

New Residents

New Parents

Baby Boomers with Aging Parents
Our team at Palm Coast Concierges will gladly make the time to run your personal errands, do your grocery shopping, or simply utilize our "wait for" service. The possibilities are endless!

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#1 Personal/Business Delivery Service Palm Coast, FL Palm Coast, FL
24/7 Personal Delivery Service Palm Coast, FL
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#1 Personal/Business Delivery Service

Category: Hospitality
Our errand services are especially helpful for:

Busy Professionals

Senior Citizens


Recuperating Patients

New Residents
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 24

Category: Internet / Web
Errand Service * Food
Pick-Up & Delivery Service
* Office Supplies Mail
* Stamps
* Bank
* Pharmacy
* Video Store
Dry Cleaning
* Deliveries
* Utilities Payment
* And much more

We here at Palm Coast Concierges, have been doing business throughout the area for over 20 years. For information in regards to this town and surrounding areas do not hesitate to call. With Palm Coast still up and coming with new developments and things to do we take pride in our knowledge base of your current home and or vacation spot.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 24

24/7 Personal Delivery Service

Category: Home / Domestic

Personal or Business Delivery of goods:

$6.00 flat rate + $1.15 a mile

(Gratuity Not Included)

Grocery Pick Up

1-10 Items $8.00 Flat Rate

10-20 Items $12.00 Flat Rate

20 or more $20.00 Flat Rate

+$1.10 per mile+Cost of Groceries

(Gratuity Not Included.)

Any request after 10pm are subject to a $10.00 flat fee

We will purchase products closest to your destination and guarantee delivery of product ordered fast and with a smile.

Call or email

(386) 569-8969 or

Available 24 hours a day.

Notices and Policies:
Cost of purchases not included in rates. Palm Coast Concierges reserves the right to request payment in advance for purchases made on your behalf which will be in excess of $75.00.

Payment requested upon completion of services by cash or check made out to Palm Coast Concierges

24 hour notice for service is preferred for ease of scheduling, but every effort will be made to accommodate a same day request at no additional charge.

Palm Coast Concierges is not able to transport people at this time, due to liability issues.

For legal reasons, we are not able to purchase or transport alcoholic beverages for you.

In an effort to keep costs down for our customers and avoid over charging a mileage fee, we attempt to limit errands to our local area (within roughly 15-20 miles of Flagler County, FL). For errands outside this area, special arrangements can be made with advance notice and may include an additional charge.

No refunds or refusal of items chosen after delivery has been completed.

At Palm Coast Concierges we will take full care of your routine, everyday tasks, and let you enjoy spending your free time the way you really want to. Call us today for details and rates on our variety of errand services!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 24