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What is a gym?
A gym is a place where people can go to use workout equipment. There is often a fee and contract required to use private gyms. Different membership plans are usually available, depending on how often one would like to visit the gym and what services will be included. Most cities have more than one gym, this way it can be easy to find one with an atmosphere that is comfortable for your style of working out. It can be helpful to join gyms with like minded people for support. For example: a heavier woman may be more comfortable exercising at an all women gym.

What kinds of services does a gym provide?
Gyms offer a vast variety of services. At the gym, personal trainers are available to help with workout plans and dietary needs. Very often gyms provide a tanning service, for this a person can pay either by the session or get an upgraded tanning membership. Showers and lockers are available to clean up after a workout and store ones belongings while using gym facilities. Some gym companies provide cafes inside, these cafes serve light healthy food, protein shakes and fruit smoothies.

What qualifications are required to be a gym?
Gyms have workout equipment available to be used, at a price, by the public. Other facilities are often included, sometimes an extra membership fee is attached for the use of these additional services.