Skilled Trade / Crafts: Banks Security Owner /Security Officer - Blown-in Insulation/Windows/Siding/Doors/Roofing

Barber - Tampa, FL
jason deglman
Barber - Raleigh, NC
Anthony Dyal
barber - Columbia, MO
Vance Latimer
Barista - Seattle, WA
Tatiana Becker
Bartender - Miami, FL
Barbaro Fojon
Basket Making - Erie, PA
Charles Elliott
Bath and Shower Remodel - North Highlands, CA
Accu-Seal Waterproofing and Contracting
Bath remodels - Hanover, MA John O'Brien
Bathroom Remodel - Westmont, IL
DuPage County Plumbers
Bathroom Remodeling - Goshen, IN
Bathroom/ Kitchen Remodel - Portland, OR
Cohabit Construction Craig Orme
Beaded Jewelry - Hilo, HI
Sheri Hayamoto
bicycle repair - Havana, FL
Robert McIntyre
Blacksmith - Warren, OH
David Gregory