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How did you get my information?
Your name and location are public information. It is available online from a variety of sources from White Pages to public records, to "People Search" websites.

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Sure, we'll be happy to. Just fill out the form above and your account will be automatically deleted.

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We have to confirm a valid email address for 2 reasons:
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Sorry, but for the reasons above, we cannot remove names from our website without an email confirmation. Don't worry, we will never, ever email you with any marketing junk. Your email will only be used to verify your authenticity. You must use the form above to remove your name from our site; there is no other way.

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We will never, ever spam you. We hate spam just as much as you do. As mentioned above, your email will only be used to verify your authenticity. Nothing else, ever.

How about I just sue you?
We're not interested in creating enemies. We'll happily remove your information from our website if you fill out the form at the top of this page. However, just for your own education, it's not illegal to display public information on a public website. We're being nice by being willing to remove your information. We don't have to legally.

Who are you guys anyway?
Our website, is a social networking site where people can share and find skills and talents with friends, friends of friends, local area, or community at large. The benefits are:
  1. It makes it easier for people to find someone with a skill or trade that they can trust.
  2. It provides an avenue for people with a skill or multiple skills to let others know about them.
  3. It gives people with hobbies or passions a way to meet other like minded people.
  4. People can showcase their talents and skills.
  5. Consumers can be entertained by viewing and rating videos, images, and mp3s of talented members.
How do I join SkillWho?
To join, just click the "Join" button at the top of this page.