SkillWho Directory:

Jie Qian - William Qian

Jie Qian
Eng at VZ
Jin Qian
Senior Scientist at Schering Plough
Jinbo Qian
Student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - College of Business
Jing Qian
Development Manager at Firm58
jinghua qian
Biotechnology Professional in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Joanne Qian
Independent Design Professional in Los Angeles
John Qian
Enterprise Network Manager in San Francisco Bay
John(jinrong) Qian
Apps manager at TI
Johnson Qian
Student at University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Joseph Qian
Student at University of Florida
Joshua Qian
Senior Developer at Fannie Mae
Juan Qian
Sr. Analyst in Detroit
julian qian
at home in San Francisco Bay
Jun Qian
Senior Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems
Jun (John) Qian
Software Architect at Gemini Design Technology
June Qian
Scientist at ImClone System Inc
Junmiao Qian
Counsultant at DTT
Keats Qian
Independent Fine Art Professional in Los Angeles
Ken Qian
Owner, World Group Securities in Chicago
Kern Qian
QA Engineer in San Francisco Bay
Kevin Qian
Sr. Staff Engineer at Motorola
Kun Qian
Sr. Director, Sales at Qualcomm
Lan Qian
Director, Cliffwater LLC, Investment Consulting in Los Angeles
Laurie Xiaolan Qian
Technology Associate in New York City
Lei Qian
Owner, Kairos Instruments, Inc. in Pittsburgh
Leiming Qian
Senior Software Engineer at IBM
Lena Qian
Student at Emory University
Leo Qian
Staff Accountant at Intermet/Qinvestment
Li Qian
Procurement Manager at Ballymun Regeneration Ltd
lianfen  qian
Professor at Florida Atlantic University
Liang Qian
Software Engineer at Immunetrics
Liao, Qian
software developer at Compuware Corporation
Lily Qian
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Professional in Los Angeles
Lin Qian
Software Engineer at PeopleNet
Lingqian Qian
Manager of Process Technology Group in San Francisco Bay
Lingyan (Angela) Qian
Senior Financial Analyst at GE
Liujian (LJ) Qian
Senior Software Development Manager in Boston
Liwen Qian
analyst at PA Consulting Group
Lj Qian
Senior Software Devlopment Manager in Boston
Luke Qian
Technical Leader, Wireless Communications in Cleveland/Akron, Ohio
Lulu Qian
Scientific researcher at Caltech
Lynn Qian
Engineering Manager in Chicago
Maggie Qian
Software Engineer in San Francisco Bay
Maotang Qian
Internet Software System Engineer in Washington D.C. Metro
Mary Qian
SQA Engineer at Kronos
Meng Qian
Student at Northwestern University
Michael Qian
Consultant at SAP Americas
mike qian
Principal Technical/Supply Chain Management Consultant at SAP
Miles Qian
Research Scientist at VARI
Ming Qian
Research Scientist at Teledyne Scientific
Mingxin Qian
Independent Pharmaceuticals Professional in San Francisco Bay
Mo Qian
Independent Import and Export Professional in Los Angeles
Nancy Qian
Assistant Professor at Brown University
Nantian Qian
Principal Design Verification Engineer in San Francisco Bay
Nina Qian
Design Engineer at Texas Instruments
Ning Qian
Senior Statistician in Chicago
Peilai Qian
Direct Marketing Manager at The Venetian
Securities Licensed at Sales and Trading Inc.
Philip Y. Qian
Sr. Solutions Engineer in San Francisco Bay
Ping Qian
sr functional analyst at Starbucks
Qi-De Qian
CTO in San Francisco Bay
Qian Qian
Translation and Localization Professional in San Francisco Bay
Qiang Qian
Lead Programmer at Bowne
Qiuhang Qian
President at Ed Express LLC
Quansheng (Jason) Qian
Senior Scientist at Life Plus International
Rachel Qian
Finance Business Analyst in Los Angeles
Randy Qian
Graduate Student in Chicago
rong qian
Student at PH.D
Rosa Qian
Senior Consultant in New York City
Roy Qian
Senior Staff Engineer at Motorola
Rubing Qian
VP at Citigroup
Ruibo Qian
Independent Entertainment Professional in Chicago
Rulin Qian
Senior Associate Scientist at Amgen
scct qian
afda at rdds
Shangsi Qian
DBA in New York City
Shanshan Qian
AVP, Structured and Reinsurance Undewriting at PMI Group
shawna qian
Computer Software Professional in San Francisco Bay
Shelly Qian
Product Manager, Vertical Search in San Francisco Bay
ShengGuang Qian
Analyst at RiskMetrics Group
Shugeng Qian
Student at Stevens Institute of Technology
Sophie Qian
Sr. SW Engineer at Opsware
Steve Qian
software engineer at L2 Solutions
Sun Qian
Student at Golden Gate University, School of Law
Suntian Qian
Software Engineer at McKesson
Susan Qian
NA at BD Biosciences
Suyue Qian
Sr. Scientist II at ADC
Theresa Qian
Computer Software Professional in Atlanta
Thomas Qian
Tim Qian
Chief Architect in Boston
Ting Qian
Project Specialist at IEEE
Tom Qian
Computer Software Consultant and Professional in Dallas/Fort Worth
Tony Qian
Sr Software Engineer at AOL
asdf at fas
Wei Qian
Wei (David) Qian
Senior Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology
Weida Qian
Sr. R&D Test Engineer at Intel Corporation
Weijun Qian
Senior research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Wensong Qian
vp, IT development in Boston
Wenyuan Qian
Senior Scientist at Amgen
Will Qian
Software Design Engineer in Seattle
William Qian
Owner in New York City