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Top 5 Help Topics (Scroll Down for More) I'm trying to join, but the page won't submit.
You might be missing a required field or you didn't enter the "captcha" security code correctly. When information on that form is missing, the page doesn't submit, but will display a "!!!" message in red text that will tell you what's missing. Also, keep in mind that if something is incorrect the first time you submit it, after you correct it you also have to re-enter the password you'd like to use.

I never received an activation email.
Sometimes this email ends up in the "bulk" or "spam" folder in your email inbox. Check that folder for the email. If you don't find the activation email in your spam folder, you can have it resent by clicking "Forgot Password?" in the top right of the website. Fill out the "Forget Password" form and your activation email will be resent. You may also want to add to your email address book so your email provider knows to allow emails from us. If these solutions don't work, please email us from our "Contact Us" page and we'll get back to you within the same day.

How do I delete my SkillWho account?
Why would you ever want to do that? Well, if it's really important to have your account removed, you can delete your own account automatically. Just login and from the MySkillWho page click "Account Settings." In the upper right you'll see a link that says "Delete Account." Click that link and just follow the directions. If you do decide to remove your account, we hope you'll consider re-joining SkillWho in the future.

My name is on your site, but I never registered. How do I remove my name?
SkillWho, while providing online professional networking services, also provides a basic white pages directory using names available through many public sources. To remove yourself from this directory, simply find your profile, click "This is Me," and select "Remove." Follow the directions and your name will automatically be removed. Keep in mind that in certain cases there may be people in your local area with a similar or the exact same name as you. Those profiles will remain on our website unless those people visit and choose to delete their profile as well. So in rare cases even though your profile was removed, there may still be another profile with the same name as you. We only allow one account to be removed per person. Just as you wouldn't want anyone you don't know deleting things on your behalf, we don't allow users to delete other peoples' profiles who have the same name, after they've already deleted their own profile. More information is provided about this directory and the removal process when you click "Remove" on your profile.

How do I join your site? Does it cost anything?
You can join FREE by clicking the "Join button on the site. To join, create a profile, and use the site is completely free. Just follow the steps on the Join page.

I can't remember my login or password.
Your login is always your email address. If you forgot your password, click "forgot password" in the upper right of the page, enter your email address, and submit. Your password will be emailed to you.

I can't get to the MySkillWho page.
This page is for members only. If you are a member, login first. If not, join the site!

I'm having trouble uploading my photo.
Photos must be smaller that 5MB in file size (generally 8 mega px cameras and below should be OK). They can only be ".gif" or ".jpg" file types. Most digital cameras take photos in ".jpg" format. If your file is too big or the wrong format, most computers come with a basic photo editing program. Just open the file, shrink the dimensions of the photo, and save it as a .jpg file.

I can't save edits I made to my profile.
Your profile must have at least 1 skill listed in order to save. Fill out at least one skill and then try saving.

My profile didn't save after I filled it out.
For the security and protection of you account, after 1 hour, our website automatically expires your session. You'll need to re-login after an hour. If you need more than an hour to complete your profile, we recommend that you type your profile in Word or Notepad in advance and then cut and paste the content into your profile when you are ready. This will ensure that it takes less than an hour to create your profile.

I don't want my last name shown publicly.
Once logged in, on your MySkillWho page, click "Settings." There will be a setting to display first and last name or just first name and last initial.

I only want my friends to see my profile.
Once logged in, on your MySkillWho page, click "Settings." There will be an option to set your profile to "private."

I want to change my login info.
Once logged in, on your MySkillWho page, click "Settings." You can edit your login info there.

I don't see a category for my skill.
We understand that the categories won't exactly describe every skill. However, we need to keep the categories broad because otherwise there would be thousands of them, which would confuse our users. For example, if you offer a highly specific service, it's still a "service" which can be listed in our "service" category. If you sell something, it can always fit into the "business" category. You can be more specific and descriptive in the title of your skill in your profile. People searching for your skill are most likely to find you by searching for keywords that you'll have in your title. In the long run, we're more likely to reduce the number of categories than add more. A great example of less categories being better is the jobs section of Of the millions of jobs available, they've chunked it down to about 35 categories. It forces people to choose a broad category and then use the "title" to be more specific. If Craigslist tried to have more specific categories, their number of categories would be out of control.

Can I put a hyperlink to my website on my profile?
The purpose of SkillWho is to facilitate networking and interaction between members. SkillWho is a social networking site with a focus on skills and talents. While a byproduct of this is that people who sell their skill can get business, it is just one feature of the site. We're not a website directory or Yellow Pages so we don't allow hyperlinks to other sites. If we did, we'd get lots of people signing up just to put a link to their website, which is not the goal of SkillWho's service. If you'd like a link, we have an advertising program where you can be a featured member for $97 per month and this includes an external link to your website. Thousands of members are joining the site to enjoy the networking features it offers, so we're confident from our user feedback that our decision regarding links is correct.

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