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Topic: Before hiring any contractor
It is a great idea to ask the plumbing contractor to show you their master plumbers license as many unscrupulous contractor hire people off the street with no formal training and then pass them off as "techs" to by pass journeymen licensing laws.

Also make sure the master plumber does have insurance as many fly by nights do not carry enough insurance to protect their clients.

I install many cast iron roof drain in the city of NY and it still shocking to see how many so called "roofers" have no idea on the proper installations of roof drains with 4 PSF sheet lead flashing. It is a shame that there is no national testing for plumbing and roofing mechanics as the skill level in the past few years has hit rock bottom
I have to say the same wen it coms to carpenters and skilled finish workers I have ben with the union carpenters for over 10 years local 157 carpenters. Now you can't find good workers and the home owners will let any one work in their house then they call me to fix all the mistakes like you mentioned all the fly by nights messed up.

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