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Topic: Secret!
Hi All,

I have a secret to share with all of you. Vital Wellness Spa! I have
been going to this skin and health spa for a while now and I must say
that I feel rejuvenated, less stressed, and healthier.

Whether you need a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or skin care
specialist, they have breakthrough treatments that will help you

The skin care specialist is there to help you look so much younger and
help you relax with holistic skin care treatments. She does everything
from European hair removal techniques, to laser treatment, to
manicures, pedicures, mineral makeup.

She uses an all natural skin care product, so pure so gentle so natural you can eat it.

The chiropractor has a special gentle technique to help alleviate
any pain you may have been experiencing due to injury, illness, or
stress. Neck pain, dizziness, joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain. He
uses a special Matrix Energetics to heal any ailment you may have.

The acupuncturist assists people from Parkinson's Disease to weight loss to cellulite to pain.

Oh and by the way, they have a wonderful massage therapist too!!!!

Visit my friends at for specials, gift certificates and bridal packages. I would not tell my friends about something I did not try and use myself. I want you all to take care of yourselves and live a healthy life in these difficult times.

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