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Topic: What your ISP will not support
Hello, my name is Michael and I just wanted to introduce myself to you because I also live in the Orlando Florida area. I like to introduce myself because I do tech support on the side of my 40 hours a week job for a local ISP, you may even have the service now. I just know I can beet all prices for any type of problems with computers out there and I am mobile, so I will come to your house and teach you on your computer where your comfortable. I will support all internet connections, wireless connections, router programing, any computer issue or speed issue you may have. I encurrage you to check prices around at any retailer then call me. I can be reached @ 407-256-0372 you will go right to my voice mail and I will call you back as soon as I can. Or my email address is checked pretty much all day long, this is the best way to contact me.
Thank you for yoiur time

Michael J

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