7 Fun Hobbies That Pay The Bills

When you ask many people what qualities they would look for in a job, most individuals respond with the desire to work at something they enjoy. At some point or another in your life, you have likely fantasized about making a living off of one of your favorite hobbies. This is an idea that many people discount as "too good to be true". In reality though, millions of people all over the world make money that can pay the bills with their hobbies. Here are a few popular ideas to consider.

Arts And Crafts

Do you have any hobbies that involve arts and crafts? How about creating candles, jewelry, or any form of artwork? If so, this can be a great way to pay the bills. Twenty years ago, the only real solution to make money through selling arts and crafts was by having to open a business in your local community. Now, you are can quickly and easily sell some of your creations as soon as tonight with websites like eBay or

Dog Walking

Do you like to walk? Do you love dogs? If so, you are likely a big fan of dog walking. Dog walking is a great way to spend time with your pets and also get some fresh air. What you may not realize though is that many people are able to pay the bills by offering dog walking services. In fact, some people charge as much as $20 an hour! So take your hobby of pets, and your hobby of walking, and turn it into money that can pay the bills.

Cooking And Baking

If you are an excellent cook that enjoys baking around the house then this is another way you can make money off of your hobby. A great way to go about baking for other people is by offering your services at non-profit events such as local school fairs. This gives you a chance to gain some visibility in the community, and also hand out your contact information to parties that may be impressed by your cooking.

Musical Talents

Do you have a great talent with singing or by playing a musical instrument? Why keep that talent hidden at home when you can use it to pay the bills and also entertain people. Try going to local popular restaurants or even a bar and offering your services. The business owner may or may not offer to pay you, but you can still pick up some good tips from the people who hear you play. It's a win for you, for your listeners, and for the business.


If you like to write, then you can potentially make hundreds if not thousands of dollars with your talent. Writing is a skill that will always be in demand in our world. Thanks to the internet, you can now find thousands of clients that you can potentially provide content for. The first step is to search online for freelancing websites to join. These websites will have thousands of writing opportunities that are waiting for you.


Photography is a hobby that a lot of people seem to enjoy, yet they don't realize just how much money can be made from it. If you have a camera and you are good with photography, consider advertising your services in the local paper. Local events such as weddings are always looking for photographers.


If one of your hobbies is using the computer, you have no doubt picked up some knowledge in all the years you've had your hobby. Perhaps you enjoy fixing or building computers. Perhaps you enjoy creating websites. Either way, these are all excellent services that can be offered to people not just in your community, but to people potentially all over the world.