SkillWho Ad Program Packages

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Note: There is also a free profile available, just click here to for the free version.
Package Description Featured Profile Internet
Advertising Plan
Premium Internet Package
Business Ad on
Home Page
Business Ad at top of Searches for
Your Service on
Search Engine Optimized Business Profile on
Google Adwords Monthly Ad Campaign  
Addition to Google Business Directory  
Complete Business Website
(Up to 10 Pages)
Website Manager to Tools to Easily Edit Your Own Site    
Website Search Engine Optimization    
Investment Call For Pricing
(800) 884-0614
Call For Pricing
(800) 884-0614
Call For Pricing
(800) 884-0614

More Information

Looking for more business or exposure to people looking for your service? Look no further.

SkillWho now offers several advertising packages to a select few members who are looking for extra exposure and visibility.

Hey, I thought this site was free, what gives? is completely free to all members and users. This page is to describe enhanced advertising opportunities that provide extra exposure for those looking for more business. Otherwise, the site is completely free to sign up, create a profile, and network with other members.

How much does it cost?
Pricing is based on which package you choose, your location and service offered, and your specific needs. Call us at (800) 884-0614 for a quote. The cost for a regular user profile is free.

How do I get started?
Just email us at whatup at and we'll contact you right away.

How does it work?
Once we receive your billing information, we help you create a featured profile that appears on relevant search and member pages and is rotated on the home page. If you choose the advertising packges, we will also set up Google Adwords advertising and add your business to the Google Business Directory. This means that people can find your business from Google Ads, the Google Directory, Google Searches, and on We can also quickly and affordably build a website for your business if you need one or are looking to improve your current site.

What does a featured profile include?
Along with your complete business profile page on, it includes exposure at the top of searches and a front page ad with a photo, name, one sentence description, a website link, and any other contact info you'd like to include. You can choose to link to your own web page or your profile. We also help you to search engine optimize the content in your SkillWho profile so it can come up higher in Google searches for your skill and location.

How much business will I get?
Our ad programs depend on the demand for your service in your local area and the effectiveness of your ad. We cannot guarantee any or a certain amount of business because every offer is different. There is no long term commitment and the pricing is low enough to give it a try to see if it works. Depending on the price of your service, you only need 1-2 clients per month or few months get a good return on investment.

How much traffic does get?
We're growing in size every month. You can view our detailed traffic and audience information from the following 3rd party tracking system: We have priced our featured profiles and ad programs to provide superior value based on our traffic levels. Keep in mind that you’ll also get exposure from Google searches, not just

What's included with the website?
You can choose from dozens of website designs and color combinations. We'll customize a site for your business with up to 10 unique pages and help you search engine optimize your website. You will also get access to an easy-to-use website management system where you can edit your own website without knowing HTML or how to "code" on the Internet. We'll also register a domain for you and set up hosting if you require these services.

What additional costs are there involved with getting my own website from SkillWho?

Hosting and Google Adwords for the first year are included. After that, there is a modest monthly hosting fee and the choice of one of our advertising packages listed above.

Note: The following fees are optional services we provide, but that you can also do yourself or have a member of your staff do it.

  • Website Edits
  • Design of for More Than 10 Website Pages
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Copy Writing