About is a completely free online community that makes finding and sharing certain skills or talents super easy. It enables members to:

  • Find or meet people with certain skills or talents from within their own social network (friends or friends of friends) or local area.
  • Share their unique skills with friends or the public.
  • Meet and network with people in their own field of expertise, skills, or talent.
More Info in Case You Still Don't Get It :-)

Active members with friends connected through their free SkillWho account can benefit from a social map of all the skills and talents of various people they know. They can also find or meet people with certain skills that are one or two degrees of separation away (i.e. friends and friends of friends). Or they can find people in a specific local area with specific skills.

Not Another Social Networking Site! Why?

The founders of SkillWho noticed that there were lots of professional and social networking sites, but there was a gap on the Internet. That gap is peoples' skills that may or may not be related to their profession or job title. For example, someone might be a banker, but have excellent guitar or painting skills. So SkillWho was created to enable us to see the skills and talents of our friends, friends' friends, and our local area that span beyond just a job title and resume.

Having a social map of skills and talents enables us to leverage our network for things for which we might normally have to look to someone we don't know because we didn't know we had a friend with that skill. Often the first people we go to when we're looking for someone is our friends and family. But these days people are so busy and spread out that we often don't even know all the skills that exist right within our own network. For example: Do you know what other languages your friends and family speak? Musical instruments they play? Artistic or craft skills they have? Trades they know? Well, we didn't and we think most people, once they see the breadth of skills in their own social network, will find their friends and family much more valuable and useful than they thought.

We hope you enjoy the site. We've recently launched, so we need lots of feedback from our members on how to improve. Send your comments to whatup at